Corona virus is affecting almost all countries in the world. We don’t know when will end, maybe a few years or more. Like we have managed to spread this virus very quickly like an influenza virus. This virus became an epidemic in the 19th century and still exists today. Influenza virus or what we call the flu is a disease that comes. We go back to the beginning of the 19th which is happening now will change our lives, especially those living in big cities. Then what about everyday life in the city? Of course that will change too. This causes panic in the community, many reduce their employees, of course the effect is not always bad then what are the positive effects and solutions?

People No longer Go to the Office

During the 19th plague people were not permitted to take office. So companies don’t need activities in the office, so they don’t have to pay office money, because employees can work from home. All work can be done using the internet. People who work in offices can go home to study with their families, not happy. They don’t need to spend money to buy an apartment in a big city. Then what happened to the city?

Not Like A Big City Anymore

After being created 19 people in big cities will move to villages, hikes, beaches, or other places they want. Of course this happens in big cities like never before. Air is reduced and congestion will be reduced.

Skill Is The Most Important Thing

If you have skills, you don’t need to go out of town, go abroad or to the office to get a job. You can work at home with your family or just through your bed. Because the internet will facilitate your work. With iternet you can communicate, transact without having to face to face, because everything can be done online

covid 19 is a world epidemic that will change our lives, jobs, office activities and the countries we occupy. What we need is a strong internet network. Inevitably we have to change and adjust to the past that we face now and manage the future.