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Tips on Teaching Entrepreneurship to Children

July 26, 2020 nurulal 0

Introducing the world of business to your child as a child can be a provision for his future. Maybe your child will want to become a successful businessman as an adult.

After all, business is profitable. Your child can later find their own money independently and open up employment opportunities for many people. Now, teaching children to learn to do business early, can be done in simple ways, like the following example.

1. Making Goals with Children.

Being an entrepreneur starts with the presence of vision. Teach children to make a list of goals they want to achieve. Simple. For example, in this edition, you want to sleep, take your own bath, wash the dishes, and so on. Make sure it makes this goal on its own, you can only decide. Paste the goal-setting list in the child’s room, and see if they succeed in achieving it. If successful, then give an award.

2. Teach Children to See Opportunities.

An entrepreneur must also see opportunities in society. To acknowledge this ability, ask the child to do something rather difficult. For example, taking a book on the highest shelf. It provides a variety of tools that can help, for example, chairs, tables, beams, and others. Then, let him prepare the equipment himself until the order we give can be carried out.

3. Selling with Children.

Open a small booth at home. For example selling juice, handicrafts, and others. You can also ask children to sell their own work. For example making key chains, accessories, etc., then sold to friends.

4. Educate Children About the Entry and Exit of Money.

It is important for us to educate children about where the money comes and where the money goes so that in the future they can be financially more independent. For that, our parents can ask for help to give gifts to children in the form of money, their compilation has helped us do the work. Teach to save and go in and out of their allowance.

5. Teach Promotional Creativity to Children.

Encourage children to open billboards, advertisements on television, brochures, and others. Invite them to discuss, choose whether he gets a compilation to see these advertisements. Then ask also, what should and does not exist in these advertisements.

6. Allow Children to Make Mistakes.

We need help for us to not allow our children to behave, even if there is a wrong behavior. Don’t always give punishment. Occasionally, invite them to discuss, whether the behavior is right or wrong. And if you argue with that, try asking your child, confirm the answers. This education will help children to try the hard ones.

7. Train Children to Communicate in Various Ways.

Although interpersonal skills are needed to become successful entrepreneurs, now the technology that has been developed is increasingly difficult. So, invite your child to often communicate directly with the people around him. Also, teach them to send letters in standard language for you. And teach also released emails in raw language, not abbreviated. The e-mail and the letter don’t have to contain anything useful. Just let them talk about your days.

8. Teach Children to Give.

When inviting children to discuss business ideas, also invite them to think, what they can give to the environment by supporting the business. Explain also the successful businesses, which will ultimately contribute to the surrounding community.

9. Practicing Independence to Gain Self-Confidence.

You really want to, right, have kids who are independent and confident? To grow it, you can do this. When children ask for things, new toys, for example, ask them to think about how to get money to get these items.

10. Train the Soul of Child Leadership.

Make your child a “captain” compilation playing together. Make it in command when you and your family want to play, go for a walk, or save the house. Occasionally obey the instructions he gives. It would be better la…

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