Bored of Office Work? Try Freelance Business!!

As freelance workers who need help, can get help that can meet the needs and monthly expenses. However, even though it sounds fun. When letting go, working in the loose world isn’t as easy as turning the palm of the hand. There are times when, competition is very fierce and makes you have to rack your brain in order to get more clients at reasonable prices. Typically, the payment of a freelancer depends on the level of expertise, experience, and quality of work produced. Therefore, it is very important to understand the target market or client and which skills can be learned. That way, you can get this new training or who can help freelancers who are more successful in the future.

Programming and Software Development

Here it is the first high-paying freelance job. Programming and developing software is still a promising job in the freelance world. Just look, James Knight, he is willing to give up his permanent job at the tech giant company, Google to become a freelancer. Now he pocketed more than $ 1,000 per hour or programmer software and mobile applications. These skills require special skills and are quite difficult to master. There aren’t many good code makers out there. So, the demand for coders is very high and the pay is also high

Web Design and Development

According to UpWork’s statistical report, PHP Development was the easiest in 2015. Web Design in 7th place. No wonder if this is one of the freelance jobs with high salaries. There are many requests as a web designer. However, the freelance web industry design is quite crowded at the moment. Apart from that, it’s easy to web design and start developing websites. However, to start a web development business, you must have the right strategy. For example, you can create a site with WordPress or do what the client wants. You will be able to get more conversations, be able to offer the right type of service to the right client too

Content Marketing / Writing

Online marketing trends and digital technology development such as Inbound Marketing. This method develops ways for brands or products to be found easily by potential customers. Especially, through internet search media or Google. For this reason, downloading content is now considered one of the “hottest” fields that many clients are looking for. Want to work freelance with a high salary? This could be the way for you. Already many, freelancers who prove by writing good content, he can generate millions of dollars, even millions of dollars. By doing work such as blogging for companies / brands, writing content for social media of certain products, and marketing other content, you can produce increased rupiah coffers. Even though everyone can write. However, not everyone can become a trained writer. You must have a talent for writing, a lot of reading, and most importantly, you must always hone creativity. From here, you can make extraordinary and well-received writing. In fact, a master’s degree in literature or essay skills valued at A + does not guarantee that you can become an expensive freelance writer. It’s all just formed from practice and experience continues to grow – years

Graphic design

Not suitable with the above work? Relax, a high-paying freelance job will become a graphic designer. In fact, graphic design work has become the most popular freelance job. No kidding, this job can generate around $ 85 per hour. This work also requires special expertise and creativity to create an image design that is valued artistically and can convey the message requested by the brand or product you want to promote. Graphic design can include work such as: creating infographics, logo design, icon design, and news illustrations.


Copywriters are different from content marketers and writers. Freelancers discuss themselves in writing content for web pages, descriptions for products, services, and so on. The tariff for copywriter services depends on the level of experience and skills of each freelancer. Linda Formichelli, a successful freelance copywriter, can make $ 250 per hour.

MySQL programming

Every modern company throughout the world today has a database or database that is stored as an important asset of the company. To manage databases safely and properly, technicians with special expertise are needed, requiring knowledge inweb scripting language fields such as PHP (Personal Home Page) and MySQL. This freelance job can generate around $42.857 per project, depending on the experience and expertise of each freelancer.

Instagram marketing

Of all the social media channels that exist today, Instagram is fast becoming the most popular channel. Anyone whether it is influencers, companies, brands and any business can use it to market the products or services offered. That is why, companies are willing to hire a marketer who is experienced with Instagram. In fact, a professional Instagram marketer can generate up to six digits of income. However, for the average Instagram marketer in general can earn $14 per hour.


Good luck and hopefully your income always increases!