Who does not know the term business marketing? In a company, marketing has the most important role. Why? Because marketing business has a function to find, obtain, maintain, and multiply consumers and control the market.

While the number of consumers the company has determines the amount of revenue. The greater revenue obtained, the company will grow and vice versa.

Well, here are seven tips for success for those of you who want to wrestle the profession as marketing:

1. Strengthen the brand or brand

New businesses that are being pioneered must have a name or brand to be widely known to the public. Building a brand or brand can be a first step for beginners to introduce products or services widely. If you have a lot of capital, you can consider a logo, jingle or special tagline that can remind consumers of your business brand.

2. Study the level of competition

Tips for starting a business for beginners is to learn the level of competition in the market. This can support marketing strategies if you have data about competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. The more you understand and the lack of competitors, the greater the opportunity to develop business from what competitors have and what competitors do not have.

3. Actively promoting

Do the maximum promotion if you want to increase sales of products or services. Promotion can be done through online media as the most effective means of selling today. You can use all existing media such as social media, Youtube and website. Be sure to have positive content so potential customers are interested in buying products or using your services. Make sure you can increase trusted testimonials from consumers!

4. Studying consumer habits and behavior

Beginners must learn the habits and behavior of consumers to be able to innovate business even better. Innovation and quality services will make your customers more loyal. Consumer loyalty will build e!